Monday, September 13, 2010

Maine Bear Hunting.

Bear hunting is finally here in Maine and it is a good season this year. This is the third week of bear hunting over bait. There has been alot of nice bears taken so far this season. The biggest reported to date was 612 pounds, I don't think any one will beat that one this year, but who would of thought someone would get one that big. That is every bear hunters dream to get a bear that big.
The first week of bear hunting the weather was too hot (90's) but they still harvested bears. Now the weather is prefect in the 60's.

This is also the first day of hunting bear with dogs. The bear season goes until the end of October.

I wish everybody luck this season and let's see if we can get one bigger than 600 pounds.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hunting The Big Woods of Maine

Maine is known for it’s hunting in the big woods. Whether you are a Deer Hunter, Bear Hunter, Moose Hunter or Bird Hunter there is great hunting in the Maine North woods.
The north woods has plenty of space and feed for deer. There are some really big bucks in Maine. There are plenty back woods roads to get you deep into the north woods. Usually there is snow which makes tracking your buck a lot more enjoyable. Deer hunting in Maine can be challenging, but when you get the big one it is worth the challenge.
Moose are plentiful in the north woods and with all the feed and space, Maine produces some nice bull moose with impressive racks. Maine has two hunting seasons, one in September and one in October. The biggest rack I ever saw on a moose was in Maine.
The Maine black bear are very plentiful. The average black bear in Maine is between 150 - 200 pounds, but there are a lot of bigger one out there. Usually in a season there will be a few 400 - 500 pound ones harvested. Bear can be hunted over bait or by dogs. There are a lot of sporting camps that offer guided bear hunts.
Bird hunting has become popular in Maine in the last few years. Ruffed Gouse can be hunted with dogs or without. There are so many back woods roads that it makes it easier to go bird hunting.
At Birchwood Cottages and Guide service you can enjoy whatever kind of hunt you prefer. After a good day of hunting you can relax in your cottage on the shore of Jackson Brook Lake and listen to the call of the loons. What could be more exciting and relaxing at the same time.
Birchwood Cottages and Guide Service offers housekeeping cottages on the shore of Jackson Brook Lake in Brookton Maine. Guided hunting trips are offered or you can hunt on your own. The choice is yours.
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